Share a design project you have completed. Highlight three design choices you made and explain your theoretical and philosophical rationale for each.
Online Teaching and Learning
Faculty development course for new OLFMs
  • Community of Inquiry
  • Open, Connected & Self-paced
  • Approaches to Learning
Community of Inquiry
Framework for thinking about online teaching and learning
  • social presence
  • cognitive presence
  • teaching presence

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 11.44.14 AM

  • new ideas and prior knowledge
Open, Connected & Self-Paced
  • new faculty
  • difficulty of self-paced learning
  • ZPD
  • interaction with more capable peer or expert


Open Platform
  • self-paced (lacks interaction)
  • external interaction
Approaches to Learning
Surface approach
  • low-level cognitive skills when high-level skills required
Deep approach
  • high-level cognitive skills for tasks which require them
  • central to higher ed
Constructive Alignment
Outcomes = Assessments

Alignment Fig 10.2 - Biggs Tang

Values = Platforms

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